Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge

St. Michael

Consecration to St. Michael Card and Medal


Dom Guéranger has a text on the angels’ contemplative devotion:

“Mi – cha — El: who is like God? Of itself, this name expresses, in its brevity, the most perfect adoration, the most complete recognition of divine transcendence, and a creature’s humblest confession of his own nothingness; he is, therefore, the model of humility.

“So also the Church invites the heavenly spirits to bless the Lord and sing His praises; to laud and bless Him incessantly. This contemplative vocation of the angels is the model of our own, as the beautiful preface to the Sacramentary of Saint Leo reminds us. It is truly fitting to render graces to Thee Who teaches us through the Apostle that our lives are meant for heaven; Who benevolently wishes us to transport ourselves in spirit to the place where these whom we venerate serve Thee, and especially to soar to those heights on the feast of the blessed Saint Michael the Archangel.”
Each card comes with this St. Michael medal for you to wear or give to away. On the reverse, the prayer, Saint Michael, Protect Me, calls down the powerful Archangel’s constant protection on the wearer.


*This offer is available ONLY for Canadian residents.

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