Church of Madre dei Christiani in Ville LaSalle, QC

We held it in front of the Church of Madre dei Christiani in Ville LaSalle. We were few in numbers but we were able to accomplish what was in the […]

Mary, Queen of the world Cathedral

Great Rosary Rally, much devotion shown to our Lady. Thank you all for assisting, it was a real blessing.


Montreal/Quebec/Ahuntsic Cartierville/Cathedrale Saint Sauveur

Saint Anne Des Lacs



Nous croyons que tout ce qui vient de nos coeurs avec tel foi et une telle devotion ne peut qu’apporter des benedictions à ce monde qui est le message de […]


On Saturday, October 14, we did a rosary pilgrimage from Sherbrooke’s Immaculée Conception church to the Beauvoir sanctuary. We recited the entire 20 mysteries of the rosary out loud and […]


It was announced in the bulletin at different parishes. We were 5 people that took part in the rally. We couldn’t walk too far cause of 1 personneeded a bathroom […]