Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge

Lakeshore Rd E & Cairncroft Rd, Oakville

Beautiful cold but sunny day, happy people praying peacefully and at the end more than one asking for the next time ❣
I find this campaign of the PUBLIC SQUARE ROSARY CRUSADE, my friend Dinorah and I organize here in Oakville, very important and right for our times.
I am grateful that although we were only a small group, we all did it for the love of God ???? and everyone felt the touch of Our Lady ????
Divine Providence even left for us a bike padlock to hold one of the poles because the wind ????
Thanks immensely ???????? to all the participants for prioritizing their time for the cause of God in Canada on a difficult date as the Thanksgiving weekend is ????

Informez-vous. Engagez-vous.

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