Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge
Ontario Ontario

St. Mary’s Church Simcoe ON

The Feast Of Our Lady Of Fatima 102th anniversary honored and commemorated through public Holy Rosary fruitful event at the Catholic Family of Parishes In Norfolk county ON at the St. Mary’s church Simcoe – on Saturday October 12th 2019 -this thanksgiving weekend October 2019!! This year’s Team Captain Elizabeth Christian Cruz O’Malley.(your humble Marian Devotee and servant) About 50 parishioners joining the CanadaNeedsOurLady.org nationwide rally public Holy Rosary in Canada upon the invitation of the Director Mr. Michael Renaud together with Ms. Lourdes Tapia ever kind and generous Coordinator with the team and staff. About 50 parishioners attended joined us in fervent prayers followed by light snack and refreshments!! From this fruitful event the Our Lady of Fatima 1st Saturday Prayer Group was formed the meeting starts on November 02, 2019 (1st Saturday- Prayer meeting and camaraderie followed by the regular 5:00pm anticipated mass). Cheers on this great blessing!! Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to our Fr. Al Duframoint, Fr. Lucio Covuto and Parish staff and team from the Catholic Family of Parishes, the Portuguese community and members of the organizing team who supported the event and for your continuous kind assistance!! ❤️

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