Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge
Ontario Ontario

Zurakowski Park – Barry’s Bay ON

The Rally was held by the Barry’s Bay, Combermere and Foymount areas/
Approximately 40 people showed up on a grey, showery day. The reason the gathering was so limited was caused in part by one of the parishes not publishing the event for 2 previous Sundays, as requested. The part-time secretary forgot to include the memo sent to her for inclusion in the Parish Bulletin. That area usually sends a significant number of people to the Rally.
However, that did not prevent the event from being prayerful and a solid display of our faith and love for Our Lady. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima – 42 inches high – was proudly displayed on a table for all to see and to whom to pray.
Thank you to you for providing us with what was needed to pray fervently and with pride.

Informez-vous. Engagez-vous.

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