Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge

Holy Mary

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Every child loves his mother unconditionally. His heart’s devotion finds its expression not only in words, but in an untiring display of little feats and accomplishments. With each new day, he finds creative ways to impress on his mother how much he not only loves her, but how deeply he treasures her and desires her approval. Children never tire of repeating the praises of their mother. They cherish the tenderest affection for her, whose loveliness is ever present before their eyes. In the home, they gather around her. When absent, they think of her and long to return to her gentle smile and loving embrace. Their life is entirely wrapped up in hers.

As devoted children of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it was our love for this incomparable Mother which caused us to write this book in Her honor. And it is at the feet of this most admirable of Mothers that we desire to lay our deed of homage. Even if every one of Her children wrote a book, extolling Her graces, there would still remain much more to be written in Her honor. We cannot sing Her praises too joyously, nor too often. The more we publish Her perfections, Her purity, Her chastity, the more reason we will find to praise Her many other virtues. God has raised Her so far above all His creatures, that what all men, and even all nations, might do to make Her name greater would be, in comparison to His love for Her, less than a raindrop compared to the waters of all the rivers and oceans of the world combined. If these pages will help even one mind know Her better, one heart love Her more, or one more sould sing Her praises, I shall deem my humble efforts well repaid. In writing this book about the Virgin Mother of our Redeemer, our own dear Mother, my soul’s desire is to draw others to be Her devout clients.  — The Very Rev. C. J. O’Connell


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