Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge


Sacred Heart Reparation
Sacred Heart Defamation
  Early in spring of 2015 the Sacred Heart statue of St. Catherine of Sienna Church of Mississauga, Ontario was vandalized. The statue had been defaced, as well as having had its fingers broken.
Sacred Heart Reparation Two weeks afterwards, Mr. Marc Lascelle and some supporters of Canada Needs Our Lady were able to attend an act of reparation along with students and teachers from the parish. Fr. Daniel Zanon lead a part of the rosary in reparation.
Sacred Heart Reparation   The culprit was later caught. He had also written graffiti on the walls of the school and the church, and one time entered the church and ripped pages from the missal.
Sacred Heart Reparation
Sacred Heart Reparation
Sacred Heart Reparation

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