Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge
Ontario Ontario

Bradford, Ontario

The Bradford Public Square Rosary Crusade was attended by about 100 people. In the third photo, the organizer, Dom Duraes is the man wearing the brown hat and is standing to the right of Bradford Mayor Rob Keffer who said a prayer for all our leaders. I am pleased to say that the Hail Mary was said in 9 different languages, as our church, Holy Martyrs of Japan Catholic Parish is very diverse . Also, CTV Barrie News was in attendance and gave us 1 minute and 20 seconds of air time Saturday evening. Please use Google, CTV Barrie News and scroll to find the ‘Public Square Rosary Rally’ – it is a great video and I am very pleased with it, as I was unsure whether they would attend. If you have any questions, please contact me, Nancy Bobala, nancy_bobala@hotmail.com

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