Le Canada a Besoin de la Sainte Vierge
New Brunswick New Brunswick


We had two priests to pray and bless us.  Father Claude and Father Daas. We had approximately 30 people. Each year our number of prayerful followers are getting larger.

Unfortunately, because of the pouring rain outside, we had to hold the Rosary Rally inside our local Theatre this year, on 50 Cunard Street in Miramichi, New Brunswick. (It is called the Vogue Theatre. They were very kind and generous to let us go inside. The Theatre is in our busy downtown of our city. We had planned on using their parking lot, but the weather was not cooperating, but it did not keep our faithful Catholics away. Praise Jesus for this truly blessed event for His Holy Mother, Mary.

New Brunswick New Brunswick

Rogersville N.B. Parking near the church.

We were 12 persons praying in the rain and there was a Funeral ending at noon. Many people noticed us.

New Brunswick

Coulter Parkette, downtown Port Elgin

I filled this out on my sheet which I mailed in.
Thank you

Our photo was not taken with our banner because we wanted everyone to be in it.
We weren’t able to find someone to take it for us, so we did the ‘selfie’ thing, with the town notice for our event. Yay!

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