St. Louis, SK, Town office, Veterans Memorial Corner, Church,

Albertville, Sask


Here it is from Regina, on a cold evening at -9 deg Celsius.

Holy Rosary Cathedral on 13th Ave., Regina, SK

Here are our pictures from Regina, Sk in front of the Holy Rosary Cathedral on 13 th Avenue.

Sidewalk at City hospital Saskatoon, SK

The Rally started promptly at 12 noon local time or a minute or 2 past the hour. It was attended by 5 persons – myself and my 2 teenage children, […]

Paradise Hill, SK

Well, where 2 or 3 are gathered, there is great power, so with me there were 3 of us! It’s a start ! Amen, Alleluia!!

Saskatoon Ave D & Spadina Crescent

It was well attended and everyone was very enthusiastic about it. There were three rosary captains from my parish so we joined forces in hosting it. An interesting thought came […]