Heart’s Desire, NL

The location of our rally was Heart’s Desire, Newfoundland. We are a very small community, with the only Catholic Church, Sacred Heart, in our area. Our Sacred Heart CWL sponsored our Rally, and we held it at our “Lady of Lourdes” grotto which is outside our church on the main street.

It was windy and very cold, and we didn’t expect much of an attendance, but there were about 25+ attendees, including local parishioners and ladies from other CWL councils.

Because of the distraction of a death in our community that morning, and the weather, we neglected to get the attendance sheets filled out, but I will fill out and send as many as I can with my report.

The attendees were very enthusiastic and we did the whole program including a short homily in spite of the cold. From now to next year our focus will be on getting more youth involved.

Thank you to “Canada Needs Our Lady” for this rally. May God bless you and may he bless your important work.

Sincerely, Kathleen Langer